Taking Fiber From Your Plant to The Customer’s Home.

Heritage Communication specializes in the installation of fiber optic cable for Electric Cooperatives. With 14 years of experience in bringing fiber to the home (FTTH), Heritage knows what it takes to build out your fiber network. As experts in the area, we work with Cooperatives seamlessly, making the transition to an ISP easy. We share the same goal with our Cooperatives – bring the best high-speed broadband available to the homes of our customers.


What We Do

We proudly build fiber-optic networks for rural electric cooperatives and electric utility companies, enabling them to offer their customers access to high-speed broadband. It has been proven that rural communities greatly benefit from access to high-speed internet. We help our customers support and improve their communities by providing services like aerial and underground construction, splicing, construction management, drop, and premise installations.

Who We Are

Rural communities deserve the same access to high-speed internet as the cities that surround them. Our mission is to jump-start local opportunities, see small businesses thrive, and improve the quality of life for families in rural America. We want better jobs, educational success, and medical access for all of our customers.

We serve rural electric cooperatives, telephone companies, and other electric utilities in the South Eastern region of the U.S. By living and working in these comminutes, we have a personal connection and motivation to see you succeed. We truly care for our fellow neighbors and strive to create better opportunities for all people. Let us connect you to a Brighter Future.

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